“Will keep entertaining”.. says Rajat Tokas!


Rajat Tokas, the eye-candy of thousands of girls across the globe is being highly awaited for his come-back on-screen. Last seen in a cameo in Zee TV’s “Fear Files”, Rajat Tokas is in the news for being bagged for the role of Akbar in Ekta Kapoor’s ambitious project Jodha Akbar.

Rajat Tokas World, Rajat’s Official Fansite got in touch with the heart-throb of a multitude to know what he’s up to these days.  When asked if the shooting for Jodha Akbar has begun he said, “I know the venture is in the news. But I don’t know much about it and hence I cannot comment. But if people are hoping for something good, let’s hope for it to happen soon.”

We also asked about his routine these days, Rajat says “I’ve a simple routine. I go to gym, hear songs, read books and spend time with my mother. I am enjoying life these days. I want to spend some time with my own-self in solitude giving my mind some much needed rest.”

Rajat also informed us that he is no longer on Twitter and he has deleted his account. Now the same twitter handle is being faked by somebody else and he says, “I don’t want my fans to get cheated by somebody fake. Hence I request one and all not to follow such accounts on any social networking websites. I’ve tried my best to interact with fans and I will keep trying when so ever possible.”

We also asked him the question which everybody wants an answer to – about his return on-screen to which he says, “We did shoot some episodes for a serial last year, but unfortunately things didn’t work out and the show got shelved. I too want to return on screen soon. Let’s hope that shall happen soon. People have liked my work before and I want to work more. I have always entertained people, I am entertaining people and I will keep entertaining people.”

Rajat Tokas World Celebrates 4 Years of its Launch!


Hello All, I’m sure everybody’s missing their real heart beat Rajat Tokas on-screen more than ever before. I know anticipation has reached its peak, but the day isn’t far when we will see our favourite star Rajat Tokas once again on-screen with speculations of his appearance in Ekta Kapoor’s ambitious project on Jodha Akbar.

It gives me immense pleasure in declaring today that Rajat Tokas World, Rajat’s official fansite is celebrating 4 glorious years of its launch today. We thank all Rajat fans for being with us and Rajat all these 4 great years. We thank you for your love support and co-operation. Hardly any website made on an Indian Television actor might have received this amount of Historical support and response from fan-base and the website management conveys its sincerest gratitude for the same. To celebrate the completion of 4 years and the commencement of the 5th year of our existence, we have an Anniversary Carnival on RTW. You can view all the happenings in a dedicated board to carnival here:


Rajat Tokas World had been opened with only one prime motive-i.e. bringing fans closer to Rajat. At the end of 4 years of our existence we hope that we’ve been successful in our endeavour and we will continue our efforts for the same in the coming years too. We hope that we continue to receive your love and togetherness in all our future endeavours  And we as Rajat’s Official Fansite shall try even more to get more of Rajat to you.

We hope that you continue to have a great time on Rajat Tokas World.


RTW Management.

What’s up with Rajat Tokas??

RT pic

What is the veteran actor Rajat Tokas doing these days?  Wanna know? His Official Fansite Rajat Tokas World has an answer for it. The veteran actor who just celebrated his 20th birthday on July 19 2011 is busy toning his body in the gym. Apart from gym, Rajat is spending considerable time with his mom when home.

Not only this, the recently turned 20 hunk is also seen visiting his Official Fansite frequently to check what his fans have to say. Apart from viewing fans’ activities, he is also sharing his bit of daily life with his fans. In his recent interaction with his fans on Rajat Tokas World, he said “I am eagerly waiting for my new project to go on the floors”. His new project which sources claim to be titled as “Tera Chehra” and speculated to be aired on Colors is facing unexpected and unusual delay in going on floors. Rajat Tokas, an actor who has delivered all his previous performances with substantial aplomb is being impatiently awaited by his fans as well as the general masses to return onscreen.

Rajat Tokas World just changed the layout of its forum section recently. Rajat also expressed his appreciation for Rajat Tokas World-Forum’s new layout saying, “Just saw the new look, it’s very nice, liked it”. RTW thanks Rajat for his kind gesture. Apart from RTW, Rajat has also been seen tweeting actively on his Twitter account user-named- “rajattokas1”.

Rajat Tokas World wishes Rajat all the very best for his upcoming project speculated to be “Tera Chehra” and expects a quick ascendant onscreen once again.

P.S. Are you yet to check out thrilling new look of Rajat Tokas World-Forums? If yes, then quickly check it out here.

In Conversation with: Rajat Tokas

Rajat Tokas Interview

When it comes our people’s heart-throb Rajat Tokas and then his Official Fansite Rajat Tokas World, there’s only one thing which people say- “Yeh Dil Maange More”. Rajat Tokas World, Rajat Tokas’ Official fansite once again interviewed Rajat Tokas and put forth some questions asked by his fans on Rajat Tokas World. As every time, Rajat was more than glad to answer the question. His each answer came with a pinch of philosophy and a wave of love for his fans. Here is the entire interview conversation:

Ques: By Tuhina: Any lesson you have learnt in life while spending all these many years in this world of show bitz since that small age???

Rajat’s Answer: Many and still learning. The most important of them being, all people are equally important. Never underestimate anybody and treat everybody with equal respect.

Ques: By Megha01: in what spirit do you take up the criticisms and bashing coming to you from the outsiders? And what is it that inspires you to achieve something in life and keeps on motivating you?

Rajat’s Answer: Everybody has an opinion and everybody is correct according to his/her mindset. I just take criticism positively and try to improve upon things I do.

Ques: By rajatiscute: Rajat who or which thing motivate you a lot in your life?

Rajat’s Ans: So many people.. It would be inappropriate to mention just a single name

Ques: By Neha Mehto: If u had free time then how would you like to spend it with your fans?

Rajat’s Ans: I will try to make them all sit in front of me and let them observe the kind of person I am.

Ques: By Hina: 4. Rajat apni koi bhi good memories or bad memories bataye zaiada nahi tu ek good or ek bad memories bataye?

Rajat’s Ans: Well so many.. I should rather write a book and tell you all about it.. (He Laughs) But to mention any good memory will be a day on my sets and bad will be a day off work.

Ques: By Hina and Sanam: You’ve so many fans from Pakistan. Any message for them?

Rajat’s Answer: A Hi to all. I will try to entertain you all till the best of my ability. Please keep faith in me so that I can keep entertaining you all.

Ques: By Antra: What qualities do you find in your life partner?

Rajat’s Answer: I am not finding a partner right now. And if I start finding one it’s gonna be a search in itself because there are so many things that I don’t know which I would want in my life partner.

Ques:By Antra and Mansi Kaushik: How was your trip to Macau? What was your most memorable moment in Macau?

Rajat’s Answer: I was good. I slept in my room the whole day and chilled out with my Tere Liye family at night. We partied too!

Ques: By Rafia. Which was your favourite moment in Tere Liye which you will cherish? Why?

Rajat’s Answer.: The last scene of confession. I will remember it because, I knew it was the last scene and I wanted a memory of lifetime related to Tere Liye.

Ques:By shweta: What do you think is your biggest strength?

Rajat’s answer: My passion for acting.

Ques: By Antra: Does your personal life suffers because of your professional life?

Rajat’s Answer: At a personal level no. I don’t think there is any suffering because I love what I am doing.

Ques: When you visit Rajat Tokas World, what are the general things you look out for?

Rajat’s Answer: I browse through different posts and replies in Darbar and see what more do people know about me.

Ques: Any message for your fans on RTW?

Rajat’s Answer: I entertained. I am entertaining and will keep on entertaining.

This brings the end of yet another candid interview with your eye candy Rajat Tokas. Stay tuned to Rajat Tokas World for any news related to Rajat Tokas.
Wanna know about him or discuss about him? Do it @ Rajat Ka Darbar only on Rajat Tokas World.

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