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Rajat To Shake a Leg in Tere Liye!!!


Hello R’ians,
Seems finally Star Plus has responded to the angst uproar of Rajat Fans… Of course it was expected sooner or later. After all which channel or Production houses want their show shut.

Finally, Rajat Tokas will be seen doing 2 dance numbers on Salman Khan’s songs “Hud Dabang” and “Tere Mast Mast do Nain” in upcoming episodes of Tere Liye. Rajat’s dancing skills aren’t hidden from anybody, therefore it would be an enticing treat for all Rajat Fans round the globe to see him shaking a leg on these amazing dance numbers.

Sources of Rajat Tokas World also say that while the shooting for the songs was in the last stage, Rajat sprained his back while doing a difficult step. On consulting the Doctor, it was found that it was just a small sprain in his waist ligament, which shall heal by a rest of day or two.
Episode is expected to be telecasted on Thursday or Friday. Till then Intezaar R’ains..

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